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Dreaming of exploring the country in an RV but wondering where to start? We're here to teach you everything you need to know to prepare for RV life, buy the right RV, and travel to the best destinations. We'll share our best advice to save you hundreds of hours, and thousands of dollars, so you can hit the road with confidence!

  • Would you like to live a life of adventure and freedom?
  • Explore the country from the comfort and safety of your RV!
  • Curious how to stay connected to the internet and work from the road as you roam?
  • Concerned about all the technical, and maintenance aspects of buying and owning an RV?
  • Unsure where to start your travel planning or find the best places to stay?
  • Wondering how it might be possible for you to afford the RV life?
  • Start living your dream now – on any budget!

Yep. We've got you covered

These are just a handful of the hundreds of questions you probably have about RVs and the RV lifestyle. There are answers to your questions, and solutions to your challenges. In fact, millions of people are already living and traveling in an RV and loving it. But if you've done even a small amount of research already, you'll know there's a pretty steep learning curve. And as with anything new, when it comes to RVing, you "don't know what you don't know." YET. But don't worry, it's possible to fast track your learning and feel like a pro in no time.

We've been there

We understand how overwhelming and confusing this can all be, and we are here to show you a clear path. You don't have to learn RVing the hard (or expensive) way. You can learn from those who have been there, and now share this roadmap to make it easier for you.

After 6 years living, working and traveling full time in an RV, we live, sleep and breathe this stuff. And as bestselling authors of the ONLY book about the RV lifestyle by a major publisher (Living The RV LIFE – Your Ultimate Guide To Life On The Road / Simon and Schuster), our mission is to help you hit the road and thrive.

Our advice has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, FOX, CBS, NPR, and radio stations across the country. And we have literally helped thousands of people just like you!

So cost effective – and each one offers the info I need! Worth every penny! They will save me money and many hours of research!

– Irene Partridge
We can help you too!

All of our courses are specifically designed to give you all the information you need to help you succeed as an RVer. Where you once felt confusion and overwhelm, you will soon gain clarity and confidence.

These comprehensive courses guide you step-by-step through the process at your own pace. We address what you'll need to consider, with questions for you and your travel companion(s), to ensure you're on the same page and that you have everything covered before hitting the road.This is critical as so many aspects of the RV lifestyle are intertwined and can affect the many decisions you'll need to make. 

This approach dramatically reduces the risk of making expensive or irreversible mistakes. And trust us, we've seen some big ones that could have been avoided, if only they had the right information and advice. (Sigh).

More Than Just Information

Much more than just information, RV Success School puts everything you need to know into context. We invite you to go deeper into weighing up the many factors involved, and coach you through the entire process, until you reach clarity around the right direction and decisions for YOU and your needs.

There's no one size fits all when it comes to RVing. But through these courses, you'll find the right RV and design your RV lifestyle in a way that works for you.

"Since you announced your RV Success School I waited impatiently for your launch of the program. I have watched your YouTube channel religiously and found all of your existing free online information very informative. I immediately enrolled and have been blown away by how thorough you are covering each of the topics. I am especially impressed by the interviews of other successful full-time RVers and the insight they add. Best money spent for my research into the full-time life!"

– Peter Dement,
What Do You Get?
Your All Access Pass to everything within RV Success School gives you instant access to:
  • Our main course, which guides you on all aspects to help you Hit The Road the Right Way – with 40 lessons, 34 videos, and 45,000 words of written content
  • RV Buying course content focused on Choosing the Right RV for You – with 25 lessons, 17 videos and over 30,000 words of written content
  • Guided workbooks, quizzes and comprehensive resources
  • 12 Video Case Study Interviews to help you learn from other experienced RVers in different rigs, and various life stages, financial situations (approx. 11 hours of content)
  • Monthly Live Q&A Group Coaching calls with us to answer any questions you have (calls recordings available)
  • Supportive students, engaged learners, and others sharing their RV life experiences
  • Answers to your emailed questions
  • Lifetime Access to our Hit The Road RV Summit!
Original price of separate courses plus summit access is $442

"The courses and resources have saved us nearly $20,000 since we purchased our RV in July, 2017. We keep saying “we can’t believe how easy all of this was” which is quickly followed by “with ALL the help we got from Marc and Julie”! We COULD NOT have done all of this without you and we want everyone to know how priceless your courses were and still are to us!"

– Jennifer and Billy McBee
Full Time RVers
What Do The Courses Cover?

These courses go in-depth as we cover everything from planning, budgeting and finance, to managing mail, domicile, technology, staying connected and working from the road. They also cover all aspects of safety, RV systems, how to buy the right RV for you, health insurance, vehicle insurance, RV warranties, RV clubs, camping memberships, travel, trip and route planning and how to save on camping costs. 

Even downsizing, the emotional transition, relationships, pets, making new friends on the road, exit strategies and more. We share our personal experience, and those of others. Real life RVer case study examples provide a deeper understanding.

We've also been discussing strategies for RVing in a post pandemic world on our live calls and continue to update our materials with the latest, relevant isn't just a great resource for planning your RV lifestyle, travel and logistics. 

An important and often overlooked factor is that the transition can be as much of an emotional journey as a geographical one, but few people really talk about that in any depth. If you don't discuss and prepare for all elements of the process, you increase the chances of it not working out in the long term. 

Well Informed, Guided and Supported

Ultimately, as you make your way through RV Success School, you will feel well informed, guided and supported as you prepare to hit the road. The roadmap we provide delivers efficient and cost-effective learning, resulting in peace of mind, clarity and complete confidence in your decision making. 

Both the material and the process itself will help you avoid many of the common pitfalls that can negatively impact your experience. You will also realize additional financial savings (thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars) and dramatically increase your chances of becoming a safe and successful RVer. And importantly, one that is well prepared to deal with just about any situation you may face.

If you follow and apply these teachings, they will absolutely save you time, help you avoid frustration, save you a lot of money - and enhance your success!

We are a few years from retirement and plan to sell the house and full time. We have been researching this for about 10 years. We thought we had covered just about everything in our planning and just needed to stay current with new things in the RV world so when our time came to hit the road we would just go. Your classes have covered far more that we ever thought of and is some of the best money we have spent to prepare for this dream. Thanks for putting so much info into this.

– Rick & Pat Mace

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